Let me start off by saying thank you for stopping by and checking out our website. 
Below is a brief introduction on the products we offer, products to come, and a little bit
about our business. Right now our main products are chunk wood and bundled wood. Currently we
sell chunk wood in two different sizes of boxes and we also sell bundled wood that is available only by the pallet.             Something else you may be interested in knowing is that we manufacture every product we sell. We do not buy our products then resale them like many companies do. By manufacturing our own product we are able to offer you a better product at an even better price than most competitors.             In the near future we will be adding new products in the future such as gourmet charcoal in different varieties. We will also be adding more options in the way you buy chunk wood instead of two sizes of boxes there will be three or four sizes to choose from. We also hope to get updated pictures instead of using the same picture for several different products.             If you would like to learn more about the history of Vaughn Cook Wood Products please check out the About Us section at the top of the page.