Let me start off by saying thank you for stopping by and checking out our website. We greatly appreciate your business and supporting our family ran business. We do everything we can to produce a quality consistent product.

                      We currently offer two sizes of wood chunks. Our “gourmet” wood chunks are approximately 1.5” square, and our “competition” chunks are approximately 3” square. We also have “backyard cooking logs” which are very close to 3”x12”.

                      Our products are used by everyone from the average backyard BBQ enthusiast to the most serious and vigorous competitors. We have a very consistent product and take great pride in making our products. We kiln dry everything thing we offer.

                      GREEN and EFFICIENT!!! Our kilns are fired by scraps and trash wood than we cannot use or sell. It`s a much better option than just burning it in a trash pile. Also, the saw dust we produce local horse enthusiast come and get it and use it for bedding. We do not offer our firewood bundles online, but we supply over 150,000 firewood bundles every year to stores. These “firewood” bundles are made by Amish who use by product from sawmills rather than throwing the wood away in burn piles. It`s one of the many things we do to try and be environment friendly.

                      We do not add any chemicals to our cooking wood either. We run a food grade oil in all our chainsaws, so no harmful oils ever come in contact with the woods either!!!!

                      We would also like to say that our new prices as of January 2020 jumped quiet a bit. This is directly related to UPS and FedEx lowering their large package size from 70lbs to 50lbs. After they done that, they nearly doubled the cost of those packages. Before we even print a shipping label a 18x12x12 case of wood that weighs over 50lbs cost just almost $25.00. Our rates also had a slight increase as well. Even with the $25.00 dollar increase on these certain products we are still having to refund some orders due to the cost being more than what we are getting out of the product.